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The Basics

What if I forgot my username and/or password?

If you forgot your username, email RUSMalumni@rossu.edu and we will send you your username (i.e. the email you used when creating your account).

If you forgot your password, select "forgot password" by the login button on the homepage. You will receive an email allowing you to reset your password.

What if my plans change and I have to cancel a scheduled call or connection?

We understand things happen, and you may decide to cancel a scheduled host call. Please be respectful of others’ time and schedule by let them know immediately if your plans or intentions have changed.

I just completed my profile and submitted it. Why was I stopped from entering the platform?

The program administrator verifies each participant is, in fact, a current student or alumnus/alumna affiliated with Ross University. This process takes 1-2 business days. When you have been approved you will receive an email notifying you. Thank you for your patience!

How do I delete my account?

If you would like to delete your account permanently, please email RUSMalumni@rossu.edu for assistance.

What if there is a problem with my host relationship?

If you experience any issues with your student/host relationship or have questions, please reach out to the Office of Alumni Relations at RUSMalumni@rossu.edu. The Office of Alumni Relations can offer solutions to improve the relationship or, if necessary, formally terminate the relationship.

How are students and hosts matched?

This program is a student-driven program, meaning students can search for and request a host they'd like to work with. After the student enters their advisor preferences into the platform (specialty, location, specific program, etc.), the software generates a list of alumni sorted by how closely the HOST matches the student’s criteria. Students can then reach out to alumni from this list with questions.

Who is eligible for the program?

Residency seeking students and alumni are eligible to participate.

What is the time commitment involved for being an advisor or advisee?

We purposefully have designed this program to be flexible for student and host. You and your student/HOST have complete control over your relationship and can decide. Most relationships in this program will be short-term.

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I've signed up as a host. Why haven't I been matched yet?

We are grateful for your willingness to help students in this way. After you register for this HOST program, it could take some time before you are matched with a student, since this is a student-driven program.

Are there limits so I will not be overwhelmed with students requesting to speak with me?

Yes, the platform has parameters set up to limit the number of students who can request you as an HOST. Once you have accepted a relationship with a advisee through the platform (i.e. “matched”), you will no longer be available to other advisees in the database. You do have the ability to have more than one advisee at a time, if you wish to; you are allowed to have up to three advisees at a time. To adjust the number of advisees you can take on at one time, log in and click on the “My Account” tab either at the top right- hand side of your screen or in the ribbon on the left-hand side of the screen, click on the “Participation” tab, and use the drop down to set the max number of advisees you’d like to work with at one time (1, 2 or 3).

How many students can I have at one time?

Host can accept up to FIVE students at one time because the relationships are typically not long. This is only encouraged if you truly have the time to commit to speaking with five students/alumni.

What if I am worried about my student? What if my student discloses concerning information about their personal state?

If you learn that a student is in danger or if you have serious concerns about your student advisee, please immediately inform the Office of Alumni Relations by calling (754)-707-5549 or emailing RUSMalumni@rossu.edu. Any information given to us about a student will remain confidential and the University administration will step in if the situation warrants attention. Our priority is always our students’ well-being, so when in doubt, air on the side of caution and reach out to us.

Can I suspend my account without deleting it if I need a break?

Yes. If you find that it is an especially busy time for you or you just need a break, you can suspend your account indefinitely or for a set amount of time by visiting the “My Account” section when you are logged into the platform. Click on the tab that says “Participation”. Uncheck the box that says “I want to be searchable in HOST Program”. Below that, list the start date in which you want to become invisible and the date in which you want to become visible again. If you need to suspend your account indefinitely, just uncheck the box and you will no longer be searchable in the database. When you’re ready to be searchable again, log back in and check the box to be opted back into the program.

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How many HOSTs can I have at one time?

Students can select up to three HOST at one time. Once you have your questions answered, you can release the HOST and connect with others.

I've found an HOST I'd like to connect with, there's a button that says "Request Unavailable". What does that mean?

The platform only allows HOSTs to work with up to three advisees at one time. HOSTs can select in their account settings how many advisees they're willing to work with at one time -- one, two, or three advisees. If you see that the button says, "Request Unavailable", this means that this HOSTs has been maxed out with the number of students they're willing to work with at this time. Once they close out one of the connections, they will become available again and you can contact them. In the meantime, we suggest you bookmark their profile by clicking the button for "Add Bookmark". This will add a quick-access link to their profile in your Bookmarks tab, meaning you can easily get to their profile and check to see their availability anytime you log into the platform.